What Happened to the Day?

Not sure where the day went or what really all happened, some days are like that around here.  Kain did get his pastille, again he was lazy all day and didn’t want to go outside but raining again too.  He still is going nuts when hubby leaves, more when leaves the house (even if in the yard) than when leaves room; that is progress.  I took my Slippery Elm dose, I’m still not doing a long infusion, instead of doing the teaspoon with a lot of water following.  It is helping but I’m starting to realize that I’m going to have to do the long infusion, I think it will work much better. I also attended the CommonWealth Q&A session.

I did some research into passive income for my oldest son and found some things I want to investigate a bit more:

  • Teachers pay Teachers
  • Sell pictures (Shutterstock, GettyImages, Depositphotos)
  • Ebook
  • Build App
  • Online classes (udemy.com, Outschool)
  • Online guide
  • Merchandise (CafePress, Amazon Merch)

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