Unboxing Day!

As you guys may remember a little while back, I ordered herbs from mountain rose herbs; guess what today they came! We have, I won’t be able to say this right at all, Maitake Maitake (Maitake) mushrooms; don’t ask me what any of these do, this is the bunch of stuff that I don’t know. We have Atlantic why make (Atlantic Wakame) flakes, Blackberry leaf, that should be fun. Blackberry root, definitely make sure to label your stuff since all roots almost look the same, Dandelion leaf, excellent now we can go drop some of that into the tea I made the other day since I was missing that when I made it. More kelp cuckoo (Kombu) flakes, this box keeps going on, Sumac Berry powder, I was hoping to get the berry berries, but mountain rose herbs didn’t have it they only had the powder, so will deal. Marshmallow leaf should add that to my allergy tea so it’s not so drying, Marshmallow root; that even already has a container isn’t that nifty, since I don’t know where we’re going to put this stuff. Should talky (Shiitake) mushrooms whole I know what those are kind of, I like those, Yep and they stinky, and last but not least Raspberry leaf. OK well, as soon as I finish the nettle write up I guess we started on one of these.

This entry is a transcription of the podcast episode, it was created using speech to text, then cleaned up a bit.  This podcast episode will not be available for a while since I’m still learning the software. I’m trying to decide if I want the Podcast to be a reading of the blog or the blog a written record of the Podcast.

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