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I keep noticing this option to convert the blog post to a podcast, my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link. Anyone that knows me, knows I fell down a rabbit hole with that click.

The link took me to Anchor which will let you either record something or will auto convert the blog to a podcast.  I decided to record me reading the first blog post instead of letting it auto convert.  Once I was done reading the blog post and saved the recording in Anchor, it asked what else I would like to add to the episode: more recordings, background music, podcast image, etc.  WOW, this is more than I thought I was getting into.

I decide no other segments, to add background music (less boring, I’m fairly monotone); but then decide I would really like hubby to make my background music or any music I use (no copyright issues), he’s on it but it will take a bit.  Next, it asks me for a podcast image, I wasn’t planning on making a logo, but I guess I should.  I have an idea of what I want but am not sure how to get it out of my head since I can’t draw.

I’m pretty good with Photoshop, so I go online looking for hand-drawing herbs that I love, find them, download them, and start working. I get everything exactly as I want it and it looks great, I’m just about to upload it when I see a watermark and another one.  What the…I searched for royalty-free images, I got back to the site I got them from, and it turns out it is a subscription site for images and that for what I want them for it isn’t cheap.  Great now what!

I could trace them in Photoshop, color them, and use that.  I have done it many times before and I’m good at it, but it won’t have the hand-drawn feel to it, and I really want that.  I know, ask Nana (mom), she’s an artist and this shouldn’t be a hard ask, right?

I texted her but she was at work, I counted down the minutes until she should be home, then I called her.  I told her the issue and to look at her text messages to see what I was going for.  When she saw it she loved it and of course, being Nana agreed to hand draw all 11-20 of them for me so that I could take them into Photoshop and remake my logo.

Ok, so I have hubby working on music, Nana working on the artwork, and I need to start converting past posts to podcasts.  I guess I’ll read all the blog posts since the reason I decided to do the podcast was for people like me that drive too much to be able to read blogs but would love to listen to them; most of the podcasts I listen to are either read blogs or they have blogs that are almost a transcript of the podcast. 

I’m not sure how I’m going to do the podcast in the future, if I’m going to just record what I do and have Word type it for me on dictate while the Anchor software records the audio and have the blog be a cleaned-up transcript of the podcast or if I want the podcast to be a reading of blog posts I have done. Since all the past posts will be read episodes, I think I will try a few the other way and see what I or the audience likes better.

The other thing I’m seriously considering is adding Subscribers Content areas to the blog.  Subscribers would have access to Full Monographs, formulations (recipes), a list of items I have on hand available to purchase, be able to ask me herbal-related questions, etc.

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