Life Break

The last few days have been focused on other parts of my life besides herbs, granted during these days I made up the allergy tea mix, Kain was given his pastille, and I drank my allergy & vit/min tea.

Saturday, I awoke with bad allergy issues, hadn’t made up the allergy tea mix and been out for a bit, decided enough was enough, and made up the tea mix.  Within the first cup, I felt much better; I’m back on it daily, I added linden to it to cut the drying effect, and seems to help.

My school asked for volunteers to proofread and correct the closed captioning on their class videos, and I offer to help.  I’m kind of looking forward to it if they pick me to help.

I watched Cycles, and Discomfort classes did the writeups (see post in Class Notes).

Allergy Tea

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