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Ok, they say that I should keep a journal and or a blog so that I can note everything that I’m doing herbally.  I plan to get a blog or something like that so I can share my journey with others; it will help me feel accountable.  Once I get a blog setup, I will transfer all this to it.

So, today I took my probiotic when I woke up, drank a cup of allergy, vit/min, and comfrey tea to start my day, oh and a cig (trying to cut this down or quit so need to try and track how much I smoke).  Since one of the assignments in my courses is to map and id all the plant life on our property, I cleared out my Seek app to make it much easier.  I thought is that I will use it to take pictures and as a starting place to get the correct id.  I started looking at blog options and it seems there are so many more than 16-20 years ago when I last blogged; guess I’ll come back to that thought and, in the meantime, maybe I’ll just use FB or Insta instead.  Started the Medicine Making and Materia Medica intros and read the student forums. Took probiotic with dinner.  I didn’t manage to track my cig intake for the day, but I did smoke an herbal cig at least once instead of a normal cig; baby steps.


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