Honeys, Glycerites, and Vinegar, OH MY

2-4 oz jars of infused honey sitting on top of two 1-1/2 pint mason jars of glycerites with an infused vinegar between them. The honeys are lemon balm, the other is nettle; the glycerites are nettle and the other is alfalfa. The vinegar is infused with Seasonal Support formula for maximum vitamin and mineral extraction.

A few things have been “brewing” for about a month which means, time to strain. Nettle leaf infused honey, Lemon Balm infused honey, Nettle leaf glycerite, Alfalfa glycerite, Vitamin Mineral vinegar.




Vitamin Mineral Infused Vinegar – Vitamin-Mineral Tea Mix, and raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar; macerated for 28 days.

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