First Order

I always get so excited when it is time to order herbs. I went through the list of herbs used in the Family + Community Herbalism courses and figured out which herbs I have and which I don’t.  Then I split this up by the courses since there are 89+ herbs covered, and more than I like to admit that I don’t have, meaning that I couldn’t order them all at once.  The first course with a list of herbs is Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition, I order just the ones I’m missing from it.   Now we wait with anticipation for the herbs to arrive.

Today I also wrote up a few blog posts I was behind on, took my dose of Slippery Elm, and gave Kain his pastille.  He again savored it.  An hour later, he doesn’t want to go outside with us, but that might not be the pastille that could be the rainy day since he HATES the rain. The rain continues most of the day and so did the dog’s willingness to go out; will keep an eye on this in case the Chamomile or Lemon Balm is too calming.  He did still go crazy and bark every time hubby left.

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