Dog Day

Cyst on dog arm

Today was all about Kain.  We started with a bath using homemade dog shampoo, then it was on to treating his lumps with slippery elm compress (herb of the week/month), nail trimming, and senior care pastilles.

Kain has a few issues I’m trying to help with:

  • Dry cysts – vet says they are hardened cysts, and she isn’t worried about them unless they bother him and they don’t.
  • Anxiety – mostly separation but general too
  • Digestion – his tummy often makes funny noises, as he has gotten older and lazier it has gotten worse.  It doesn’t help that he eats paper towels, he is so fast and sneaky about this; you could have a used paper towel on your lap, and he will get it from you without you noticing until he is running away.

I had him on Chamomile and Burdock Root glycerites and was going to add Alfalfa and Nettle leaf to the mix but then decided that I would rather find something less processed than glycerin to give him.  I investigated dried herbs since I have been studying Slippery Elm and people suggest making lozenges or pastilles with it. 

With the information, I found I formulated a senior formula for Kain that is made up of Alfalfa, Nettle leaf, Burdock Root, and Chamomile.  These herbs are weighted out for his dosage, mixed, powdered, mixed with Lemon Balm infused honey (honey from our hive), formed into little logs, and coated with slippery elm. He will be given one a day.

I made up a week’s supply, at the end of the week, I will reevaluate his needs and change anything needed.  He seems to love the taste, he took todays and ate it in two bites, like he was enjoying it.

On Chamomile “Do not give more than prescribed as high doses may be toxic.”

VCA Animal Hospitals

Kain’s Senior Dog Pastilles

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