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Today started with the normal probiotic and a cup of vit/min tea with mullein and allergy tea. Since I have spent the last few days painting and listening to classes, today was the day to catch up on all my notes for said classes. Normally, I would share here on the blog the cool things I learned but these notes were done into the database I’m making, once I have everything in there I will post the notes here.

The sections I did notes for were: Teas, Tinctures, Vinegars, Wines, and Honeys. I passed the quizzes for these sections with 100%. This reminds me, I have honeys, and glycerites to strain; tomorrow will be Herbal Medicine Making Day.

Every Tuesday night from 7pm to 8pm is live Q & A with Katja and Ryn from CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. This was my first one and I had a question:

Since you dislike glycerites, what would the alternative be when dealing with a recovering alcoholic with diabetes, triggered by vinegars (reminds of wine) and will NOT make teas.

I decided instead of asking right away I would sit and see how this goes. As time, went on I started to see how the programs lineup and realized my questions may be addressed once I get to the Community Herbalist program.

One of the things I learned during Q&A is evening primrose does almost exactly the same thing as oats (milky oats); other herbs that were also mentioned as alternatives to oats are linden, marshmallow root, and violet.

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