Astragulas Day

Today I spent the day writing up Astragalus’ monograph; even on these herbs, I know a bit or well, it’s taking almost a whole day to do the writeups, between the research and the writing.  I haven’t even gone through all the books I have and noted where the herb appears in them as I want.  I think that will have to be a separate project.  Originally, I thought about dictating everything in the books for each herb into the database but I’m not sure I want to do that. I also took the Astragalus Quiz and passed with 100%

Gave Kain his pastille, I’m not sure they are doing much of anything for him, but we will continue for the week and keep an eye on him. 

The next Herb of the Week/Month is Nettle, another easy one for me since we know each other well, at least in dry form.  I do plan to plant some in the garden, but I must figure out how to get seeds started here. If I plant directly in the ground nothing comes up but what was there before, if I plant in the greenhouse, I get volunteers more than what I planted.  I got a hydroponics small grow kit and I’m going to try starting things in it and then moving them outside to where I want/need them.  Once my order from MRH comes, the easy parts will be over, and I’ll have new friends to make.

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