Sun Tea – Yaupon & Hibiscus

Sun Tea Yaupon and Hibiscus - close up of finished sun brewed tea in the sunlight.

It has been very sunny the past few days and I finally took advantage of it and made Yaupon & Hibiscus sun tea. As a kid, my mom had sun tea going all summer long for the Arizona desert is great for making sun tea. I never got into the habit since I’m not a big black tea drinker and I moved from the desert at 21.

I ended up in Washington by 22; you can make sun tea there too but only for a few months out of the year if you are lucky. So, I never got in the habit of making it.

After being in South Carolina for the past 10 yrs, you would think the idea would have come up but no. It wasn’t until I was a Nana’s a week or so ago and she had made green sun tea that I remembered the sun is your friend when wanting tea.

I decided that I would make Yaupon and Hibiscus sun tea since everyone said they would drink it. It came out wonderfully and I’m not sure if anyone but me had any since it went quickly. I need to get a gallon jar to make that one since I really enjoyed it.

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