Loving Goldenrod

Two 1-1/2 pint mason jars sitting side by side, one full of dried goldenrod flowers, and the other full of dried goldenrod leaves.

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Last night while watching tv I garbled half the Goldenrod I harvested which produced an almost full 1.5-pint jar of flowers and about a quarter of a 1.5-pint jar of leaves.  Tonight, I plan to finish garbling so that tomorrow I can bring home another harvest if I want.

This morning I decided I wanted to add goldenrod to my allergy tea since it is good for seasonal allergies and mine are hitting a little harder than normal making me drink more than one cup of my tea, but I haven’t had goldenrod before so I can’t add it to something without trying it straight first. Ok, I could but it is better to experience a plant solo before adding it to a mix.  This led me to just have goldenrod tea this morning instead, it was lovely.

I noticed that I was only halfway through my cup when my allergies faded away; that is quicker than my tea blend.  Reformulating my allergy tea is in need, not surprising since it is what I call “dump tea”; where you take all the herbs you have that fit you that is good for something, allergies, and you put all of them in the blend with a few other things since you recently learned how tea blends should be made. I made this “dump tea” a while ago but it has been working great, so I felt no need to change it until now.

I spent the day updating the blog and doing research for monographs.  It was nice to spend a day thinking and doing some herbal things; I have a few things that need to be made and processed very soon, need to find the time.  Also, have to get the hall painted and the house cleaned up for company on the 18th.

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