First Encounter – Goldenrod

Hand-drawn Goldenrod flowers and leaves with a bee and butterfly on the flowers.

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I park the car in the front yard and walk down the little hill separating the houses to see a field of yellow. As I get closer I realize this goldenrod, the herb everyone is talking about right now. After spending 20 minutes walking back and forth admiring this patch of goldenrod, I grab my scissors and proceed to harvest a batch to bring home to dehydrate. There is so much life crawling and flying around this patch.

Patch of Goldenrod in front of a ran down trailer. A perfect example of life and decay.
Photo by Arizkatt

I load it all into the dehydrator at home and let it run for 10 hours at 90 degrees. I’m not sure the flowers are completely dry but the leaves are. I garble about half the batch, separating flowers from leaves. I figure if I see moisture in either jar over the next day or so, I will return them to the dehydrator to dry a bit more.

Goldenrod loaded in a dehydrator ready to be dried
Photo by Arizkatt

I decided that I wanted to try goldenrod’s allergy support, so I had a cup of goldenrod flower tea instead of my allergy tea. The smell is a bit of honey and grass. The taste is hard to pinpoint but is much like the smell. My allergies were a bit higher than normal but by 1/2 a cup they were under control again. I like this!

Two 1-1/2 pint mason jars sitting side by side, one full of dried goldenrod flowers, and the other full of dried goldenrod leaves.
Photo by Arizkatt

I had been thinking of reformulating my allergy tea since I made it before I understood formulation; it’s what I call a “dump” tea (all herbs have on hand that are good for the issue, allergies, dumped together and hope it works). Now, I definitely want to reformulate my allergy tea. Not sure when I will get around to it but hopefully soon.

Day 2 – loving the tea. The taste is a bitter grass-front flavor with a light floral aftertaste. This works as well if not better than my allergy tea and this is one herb instead of five or more.

Day 3 – still enjoying the tea and it’s still helping with my allergies.

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