Get Comfortable with American Beautyberry

Get Comfortable American Beautyberry

Today we Get Comfortable with American Beautyberry. The American Beautyberries were already in our yard when we moved in. It was the second year we noticed their bright purple berries and had to know what they were. They are all up and down the driveway and off in the wooded areas of our front yard.

Their flowers are easy to miss since they are so small but their ripe berries are not. For they are the coolest shade of purple. Well, maybe it is magenta. We will hopefully see them in an upcoming A Moment.

I was excited for the following year. To work with this plant but when the next year came around the Beautyberries didn’t look so great. Toward the end of the season, I noticed a Beautyberry growing in the tree well and it didn’t look so great either.

I cleaned out around it and paid more attention to it than I usually did hoping this one would thrive and berry. This year she looks wonderful; her relatives in the driveway look equally. Now I’m hoping to get to the berries when they ripen before the birds get them all. I will make sure to leave some for the wildlife too.

“Get Comfortable” is an in-depth look at the plant and each part that makes up the plant while noting all the features one sees. We visit the same plants from the “A Moment” series, this time doing about ten to fifteen minute, visual plant sit meditations with the plant. Currently, the videos are recorded one month in advance and released every Wednesday. Click here to view the rest of the series.

This series inspiration was the guided meditation from The Holistic Herbalism Podcast.

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