Get Comfortable with Valerian

Get Comfortable Valerian - close up of Valerian flowers

Today we Get Comfortable with Valerian. We purchased her last spring. We had gone to the native plant sale and I found a few things I wanted but not everything I was looking for. Given that there is a nice herbal nursery on our island we decided to stop in there and see what they had. More plants later, we headed home to plant all the new babies in our yard. Valerian was one of the plants from that plant splurge day.

My first encounter with Valerian was at my aunt’s house in Wisconsin. We were moving from Washington to South Carolina and stopped by to see her on the way. She offered me a lovely cup of Valerian tea. Yes, I loved the smell from the start and the taste.

Since then I have always had Valerian on hand and use it often. So, when I saw it for sale, I had to have it. When I planted her in her spot I was worried she wouldn’t get enough sun but it seems I worried for nothing.

Now I hope she spreads, I would love to have a large part of that bed be Valerian. Even more so now that I have seen and experienced her flowers. They are so lovely and delicate.

“Get Comfortable” is an in-depth look at the plant and each part that makes up the plant while noting all the features one sees. We visit the same plants from the “A Moment” series, this time doing about ten to fifteen minute, visual plant sit meditations with the plant. Currently, the videos are recorded one month in advance and released every Wednesday. Click here to view the rest of the series.

This series inspiration was the guided meditation from The Holistic Herbalism Podcast.

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