Get Comfortable with Purple Heart

Get Comfortable with Purple Heart, a close up of the Purple Heart flower.

In 2018, we got a piece of Purple Heart from a neighbor. It was growing at the base of his stairs. At the time I didn’t know what this plant was but wanted it in our yard. I took a few cuttings and planted them on either side of our steps. A few months later I found out that it is a house plant to most people and the name. Since then it has gone crazy filling their areas and trying too hard to grow into the yard too. I love watching the Purple Heart flowers come out every year.

“Get Comfortable” is an in-depth look at the plant and each part that makes up the plant while taking note of all the features ones sees. We visit the same plants from the “A Moment” series, this time doing about ten to fifteen minute, visual plant sit meditations with the plant. Currently, the videos are recorded one month in advance and released every Wednesday. Click here to view the rest of the series.

This series inspiration was the guided meditation from The Holistic Herbalism Podcast.

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