Get Comfortable with Comfrey

Closeup of Comfrey

This is part of a weekly video series I’m doing where we take an up-close and personal look at the plants in my yard. In the courses, I’m taking we are supposed to do plant sit meditations. This is where you listen to the guided meditation from The Holistic Herbalism Podcast while sitting with a plant and following along. I reworked their script a little bit and use it while showing you the plant we are focused on this week, which is Comfrey.

Since the video doesn’t translate well to the podcast, I decided I would give you the history of Comfrey in my yard. We got them last spring as small starter pots. We decided to try them around the tree well in the Bee Garden, they did well. This year they snuck up on me and one was pretty big before I noticed it. I love the little flowers.

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