Yucca & Nana’s Hiding Spot


While out at Nana’s house I decided to do a short video of the yucca patch to show April at Yahola Herbal School. I’m hoping to get her thoughts on whether I can harvest the large roots that are out of the ground without hurting the rest of the plants.

I have lived around yucca’s most of my life and I have often wanted to use their roots but I have always been worried about killing them. I love their flowers either raw or lightly fried in a bit of butter and garlic.

Oh, I don’t know if I have said this before but I’m a bit in love with the little “cubby hole” in the bushes out back of Nana’s house. At the moment they look dead and a bit creepy but once they leaf out it’s amazing. The elders are starting to leaf out now, which I”m so excited about since I knew she had some on the property but I didn’t realize how many.

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