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Finding Your Herbal Way - Fall 2023 (Sat)

Aug 26, 2023 - Nov 18, 2023

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Finding Your Herbal Way is the perfect hybrid course for those looking to get started on their herbal journey. In this course, you will learn how to make various herbal medicines, forage for at least 2 plants, and work with 5 plants of your choice. Additionally, you will learn to understand herbal energetics and actions, allowing you to create remedies tailored to individual needs. Location TBD - Johns Island or West Ashley In-person Meetings Every other week from 11 am - 3pm Items Provided Online classroom access to the learning materials and lessons. All materials needed to create the herbal remedies made at our meetings, including take-home containers and a handout reviewing what was covered in each meeting. Level Of Activity and Skill Needed Designed for beginning learners. No prior herbal or plant experience is needed, so you can jump right in! This course’s meetings are four hours long, and most of that time is spent standing, walking, and creating herbal products. Take Homes During the course, each student takes home what they made during our meetings. By the end of the course, each student will have received 8 capsules, 4 oz electuary, 4 oz elixir, 2 oz glycerite, 60 gummies, 4 oz hydrosol, 4 oz infused honey, 2 oz liniment, 3 oz lotion, 8 herbal protein balls, 4 oz oxymel, 1 oz salve, in provided take-home containers: a $252.00 value (per student) Learn More To learn more including what to expect and the student supplies list, visit

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  • Welcome to Finding Your Herbal Way
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  • Introduction to Finding Your Herbal Way
  • Survey: Introduction to Finding Your Herbal Way

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FYHW - Fall 2023 (Saturdays)

FYHW - Fall 2023 (Saturdays)

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