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I decided I want to make videos of different things but I’m not comfortable in front of the camera.  The first video I made was about the protein powder I have been using.  When I was done recording, I realized I had been whispering most of the time and it was hard to hear.  I almost deleted the video and went on with my day.  That would have been the safe thing to do, but RABBIT HOLES!

If you are a frequent reader, then you know I love rabbit holes and tend to get lost in them for hours or days at a time.  Heck, I even have a poster that says “White rabbits weren’t meant to be followed” but I can’t help it. This rabbit hole was video editing since I really wanted to post the video, even if it is a bit silly, but the volume was too low, and some things could be cut out (no one needs to watch as I stir obsessively for 5-10 mins). 

My version of Premiere is too old to bother finding and installing on this new machine.  I look for Windows Movie Maker but don’t see it on the computer, instead, I find Video Editor. I try using it, but I don’t like the feel and it seemed slow.  So off down the rabbit hole further, looking for free video editing software.

It was a fun and short rabbit hole, for I only spent the afternoon researching before I found HitFlimExpress.  It has the feel I’m used to with different “layers” for different tracks, this I can work with.  It will even let me bring in all kinds of stuff and export it out into a bunch of different formats.

After a whole day of playing around, I posted BTS: Protein Powder.  As I play more and get more comfortable with video, you will see a lot more and hopefully better quality as we move forward.

I’m thinking if I can figure out screen recording, I will make a few how-to videos on me doing different things like video editing or on how to use the different software I use for this site.  Would this be of interest to anyone? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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