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In the sleep course, we have been talking about Sleep Hygiene and one of the things they suggest is to eat protein and good fat for breakfast; as for amount, the size and thickness of your palm with two thumbs of good fat (about 1tbs).

Since I cannot handle food until about 3pm, it makes me feel sick all day, and others in my family tend to drink protein shakes, I thought I would try protein powder.  I have never found a protein powder I can stand which is why I haven’t drunk them before.

I went on a search for dairy and soy-free protein powder and found two that look promising.  This morning Garden of Life Protein Powder was delivered, the other will be picked up later today. I immediately opened it to see if I could handle the smell.  Most smell gross but this smelt like chocolate powder; finger taste (wipe some powder off seal with finger) revealed a powdering light chocolate taste. Off to the kitchen to make a glass and see if this is doable.

Yep, it is doable; it needs some doctoring to be good, but I can see myself drinking this every day.

Since this is the first video I have done I decided to post it to the public area of our YouTube channel, in the future BTS videos will be in a members-only area.

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