BTS Potted Tree Check In

I took a few moments to check our potted “trees” and decided to do a video so you could come with me. Word of warning, it is cold today and when it is cold, I refuse to take off my robe. Today’s robe is green and brown; don’t worry if you are a frequent reader you will get to see all my robes over time. Yes, I have more than one because again, I don’t like cold.

Video bombed by Kain

It’s so bad that when Nana gets here, she is in the process of moving here which some of you may know from other posts, I’m having her make me another robe but this one will look more like a trench coat so that I can wear it anywhere. Yes, I’m talking about our artist; she is also a talented seamstress and my mother.

I was very hesitant in sharing this video with you and the world since I’m in my robe (I’m dressed under it) but then I realized that there really is no point in hiding who I am from all of you.

Paw Paw starting to bud
Photo by Athena Herder

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